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The complexities of social media management

            One of my responsibilities as a digital marketing intern at a fashion start-up is social media management. To some, social media management sounds like a relatively easy task. However, there are many complexities when it comes to content curation across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.            Branding is an important aspect of…

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Wrapping Up

As the summer comes to an end, so does my internship with Saraswati Imports. I want to reflect on the summer and what I have learned from this overall work experience. There were a lot of little things that I learned that did not necessarily have to do with my job. This summer I was…

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Xueer Ning

Social Media Advertising

On my morning commute to the office, I often check the latest news and browse social media. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have become pretty common amongst most millennials. Social media has also been in the spotlight recently over numerous data scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. When the news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal…

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Hit Them Angles

One of the primary roles I have been doing in my internship is conducting a social media campaign. My team and I have been primarily using Instagram and Facebook as platforms. We started from scratch and had to create a branding strategy as well as creating a target market and target persona. It was actually…

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Antonette Ho

7 Features All Startup Company Websites Must Have

The following post is from Sanjit Mandal MBA’18. Sanjit is the owner of California SEO Professionals, a digital marketing company focusing on profit-driven SEO and PPC strategies that help businesses get more traffic and better conversions. Oh, and he has a 4th degree in Goju Ryu Karate with almost 30 years of training, so you know…

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Babson Hatchery

Instagram’s Changing Algorithm and What it Means for Your Business

The following post is from Lucas Lee-Tyson ’20, founder of Gloomy Season. Gloomy Season is a mid-range streetwear and skatewear apparel company that primarily focuses in t-shirts, sweats, and jackets. After being bought by Facebook, Instagram began to undergo changes to its back-end that radically changed how content was served to it’s users. Previously, pictures…

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Babson Hatchery

Scaling Your Startup

The following post is from David Zamarin ’20, founder of DetraPel, a fall 2017 hatchery business. Every startup founder will always hit a block on the road. Sometimes those blocks could include a manufacturing issue, a loss of customers, or an internal issue with the team. But, there is almost certainly one problem that every…

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Ken Mattsson

How Companies Can Find You Easier on LinkedIn

I often hear that people know they need to utilize LinkedIn for their job search and career management, but are unsure of what to include to leverage it most effectively.  I was fortunate this past week to attend a webinar sponsored by the Alumni Career Services Network and presented by Lindsey Day, who teaches corporate recruiters how to…

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