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Company’s Director of Human Resources is a Dog

Yes, I said it. Votary Film’s Director of Human Resources is a dog. And I, along with the rest of the company would not want it any other way. From first getting into the office and having Harvey sprint from one end of the office to the other end just to greet you is such…

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Going With the Little One

One of the things that I value most is diversity of experience. Going through a wide range of challenges and incidents better prepares me to handle anything that I may encounter in the future. That’s why this year I decided to intern with the small non-profit, IMPACT Melanoma. Last summer, I worked for a very…

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Sophia Zhu

An Essential: Company Culture

I want to be valued at my future company and I want to feel that I am actually contributing to the company. I want opportunities to grow at my future company. I want something I can work up to and earn. The head of production, Shirley, once started at Araks as an intern. She has…

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Keenan James

Advantages of Working at a Small Company

If you didn’t know already, this summer I have had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern at a small real estate technology company, dotloop, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. In my past blog posts, I have always talked about the rewarding experience that I have had with the company, yet I have never explained…

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