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Honoring Thomas MBA’63 and Laurie Cunnington

At the Celebrating Achievements in Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® event, Babson was proud to name Thomas W. Cunnington, MBA’63, and his wife, Laurie Cunnington, to the Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. They are both partners of Cunnington & Cunnington, a consulting firm based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, that specializes in energy projects. They started this…

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The Entrepreneurship Roller Coaster

“Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.” “An Entrepreneur is a lonely existence.” “Nine out of Ten times you’ll fail.” “Get ready for an emotional roller coaster.” Wow, when you put it that way, why am I doing this in the first place? I had to remember what led me here… I…

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Managing Work Flow Between Businesses

Running 3 business is quite hard. Clearly, we decided to create up three startups for betterment of the companies as a whole. We started Blank Label as our premier store, allowing customers to create-their-own dress shirts with all the styling options they loved. Then we launched RE:custom, as a hub about customization, solidifying our position…

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