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The Secret Sauce

The penultimate college year summer is as crucial as summers get. You want to work for the right company in the right field, because you have had two summers to horse-around (read: Discovering yourself). The majority of us college students start having clarity on what fields we want to work in, and what companies to…

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Babson Women Leaders Arrive in Rwanda

Five women from Babson’s Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) arrived last Saturday, May 25th for a stimulating three weeks in Rwanda. During their time in Rwanda they will mostly be staying in Save, which is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda about a 15 minute drive from the city of Butare, one of the major…

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How We Got Here

Hey everybody,       Before we get into the fun and exciting part of this blog we’d like to give everyone a short history lesson.  Back in the fall of 2008 a Rwandan entrepreneur contacted Babson College looking for some help writing a business plan for an English language institute. A Management Consulting Field…

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