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The Commute to Los Angeles for a Fashion Internship

I’ve always been interested in fashion. I love shopping, scrolling through countless pages of clothes to see the latest trends, and adding clothes to my cart but never buying it. This summer, I decided to see whether my passion for fashion will lead me to a career in the fashion retail industry. I decided to…

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Facing the Unknown

I’m Julia Dean, a rising sophomore, and this week began my internship with theChicCulture, a startup lifestyle magazine focused on providing the best in fashion, food, and travel experiences, at the friendliest prices. Many conversations in the business world focused on startups discuss how one must be comfortable with change and the unknown. Of course,…

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The Long Commute

It takes about two to three hours to commute from my home to where I intern everyday. Knowing that I’m a horrible driver, I decided to use the train to commute to work. You would think that the distance between L.A. and Orange County isn’t that far, but you always have to expect the worst…

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