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Four Departments, One Intern: My Experiences in a Rotational Internship

My internship consisted of an eight-week rotational program consulting for the Community Development, Operations, IT and Business Development departments. I would begin each program with a briefing of tasks followed by an assignment of my “project leads” who essentially served as my supervisors for the project. At the conclusion of every two-week rotation, I presented…

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Time Management : Working on Projects

It can be difficult balancing your time while you have an internship. Summer is out and you want to have fun while you are gaining experience. Here are some of the tips that I have accumulated after one month into my internship while working on projects: Plan, plan, plan! Have a plan and stick to…

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What kind of work does an Intern do?

While applying for internships, I always wondered what kind of work does an intern actually do, and does it really match the job description that is included in the offer letter. Once I got my offer letter from Saucey, it also included a job description with the tasks I would be completing. These tasks and…

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