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When internship project and work are in conflict

Fortunately, my company have a very well-constructed program for interns that involves on-boarding training, mentorship, lunch n learn and also an internship project. The internship project is supposed to take about 20% of our time, while actual work with each individual department should take the rest 80%. However, this sometimes is not the reality. There…

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Idea to Buzzfeed

Working at my internship this summer has pushed me to really reach out to others and start collaborations along the way. One of the biggest projects that I worked on this summer was with Buzzfeed. I initially reached out to one of their producers about an idea I had and talking to them was pretty…

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MSEL Global Consulting: A week in Santiago, Chile

Last month, I was in Chile with about 63 of my classmates and friends. I’ve tried capturing the experience in pictures and in words, and while I think neither could do it justice, I’m going to give it a try. Chile: A country of innovation Over the course of this semester, my cohort has been…

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