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The Final Stretch

During my finance internship, I was given the opportunity to work with the managing director of the payroll department. While working under her, I gained valuable, corporate working experience. Over the past two months, I obtained experience with company metrics and excel, and I was given tasks that required me to perform data analysis, in…

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Company Culture

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Viacom to my surprise has a company culture that is very relaxed and laid-back. The first indicator of this culture to me was the clothing choice of the people in the office. Many of the employees often come to work in business casual attire, but there are…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

6 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Jaclyn Gaines ’16. As millennials, we are pretty well versed in social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. However, LinkedIn is a different battle that our generation is still trying to grasp. One of the biggest challenges I have found amongst our generation regards…

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Atiya Sharmin

ACG Professional Culture

Hello again everyone, Now that I’ve spent a little over a month at my internship at ACG New York, I see a considerable trend of communication that focuses more on intrapersonal relationship building, social capital, and personal selling. The corporate culture of my internship is business professional. A lot of very high level professionals are…

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