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Four tips on how to master virtual informational interviews

Alright. Let’s talk about the subject that makes most people nervous. Networking. If you’re like me, you probably know that informationals are the key to networking. Yet it’s one of the hardest art to master, especially if you’re doing it over video or phone. I’m someone who connects with people much better in person, where…

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Making Connections

Knowing people is by far the most important part of business. Because my role is on the business development (sell) side, getting through the door is the first step. It’s impossible to raise funds if you can’t get in front of whoever is holding the checkbook. Because investors are constantly being bombarded with fund managers…

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The Babson Network

As a senior, I am at a pretty awesome stage in life. I’m honestly living the dream, but the thought of entering the real world has slowly crept into my mind. In a mere eight months, I will leave the traditional path followed by many people to enter a world that has no bounds. For…

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