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Trust the Process – Changing Values and Lessons Learned

Sales has never been my thing, it’s something that never quite interested me enough to try out. Until Fyrii, an innovative software B2B marketplace helping specialists monetize their technical expertise. It has been great working for a company that provides such an interesting solution in the sales industry. Reflecting on the past few months with…

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What do I want to achieve from my Internship?

This summer, I have the opportunity to be an intern with Saucey, an alcohol delivery company based in LA. Being an international student, my goals for the internship were somewhat unique. Before my internship began, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve from it. While making this list, the first thing I…

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Alexandra Guillot

Reflecting on my Internship Goals

As of today, I’ve spent two months at MainStreet Hammonton, and I’m more confident in my role than ever. Earlier in the week, my supervisor asked if I felt as though my internship has met my expectations before starting. Truthfully, my somewhat vague expectations were thoroughly surpassed. Because MainStreet is such a small organization, I…

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Chasing paper and counting commas

Welcome back friends! I hope the summer is treating you well – I went for my first Red Sox game against the Yankees last week and boy do I feel that much closer to getting my green card. Next up on the to-do list: visit Yellowstone, annihilate 50 McNuggets in one sitting and raise $100…

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