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Luck is Preparedness Met Opportunity

Like many others during the beginning of the fall semester, my nights were spent looking for my next big opportunity for the summer. “The summer before your senior year is the most important!” They tell you. But I was ready and I was eager. After all, I didn’t transfer into Babson to be mediocre. My…

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New Opportunities with the Boston Red Sox

This summer I am working for the Boston Red Sox as the Concerts and Entertainment department intern. As a member of a four person department it is under my responsibilities to handle logistics, planning and execution of all summer concerts. This includes VIP parties, stage and seating set up, ticket sales, and artist relations. Our…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Managing Your Applications

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Shun Ping Huang ’17. As Babson students, applying to one internship or job application is never enough; we like to apply to multiple opportunities. How do you keep track of all the opportunities you apply to? Most job boards, like Career Connections, keep a record of…

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My Biggest Accomplishments

As I only have 2 more weeks of my internship left, I wanted to provide some dialogue about what I think my biggest accomplishments for my summer internship are. I have been given many projects, assignments, and duties throughout this summer and it’s time I take a moment to look at where I started and…

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Jaime Doherty

Employer Sponsorship Program w/Babson’s Undergraduate Career Center and Beyond

We have updated our Sponsorship Program for the 2017-2018 Recruiting Season. Please click here to learn more! We know that you, our employers, are interested in getting in front of undergraduate students to increase brand and recruiting effectiveness in addition to the typical recruiting offerings. For current and past employer sponsors, these programs has proven an increase…

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Broadening Your Perspective

Working at BeachMint has been a phenomenal experience for me. It’s hard to believe that my internship has come to an end so quickly. At first, I was really hesitant because all of my other friends were taking OEM or MCE courses during the summer so I felt like I was making a mistake by…

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Melanie Jordan

The Search for a First Year Internship

Finding a good internship can be difficult, especially as a freshman. Personal connections can be the most powerful and effective method. In order to attain my internship, I went to my uncle as well as some family friends who work in business related fields. I asked them if they knew of any companies who hire…

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Leandra Grinage

Internship Fair 2013

  Hello again! I have to share a very interesting experience with you all. Last month Babson hosted its annual internship fair where numerous companies set up tables at Knight Auditorium and answered questions and introduced internship ventures. As a first-year student I didn’t really think I would get any attention from the companies since I’ve only…

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