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Food Startup Strategy with Food Lawyer Larry Gennari

It’s no secret that Babson boasts some incredible food entrepreneurs. Food Sol’s Community Table is a mix of people with varied interests in food and entrepreneurship that helps keep this trend going. The event meets at the Blank Center, an incubator that is perhaps the heart of Babson’s entrepreneurial pursuits. In early September the meeting…

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Accelerator: Food Entrepreneurship

With resources like FoodSol on campus, it is no surprise that there are so many food entrepreneurs at Babson. There are many common themes we hear from food entrepreneurs in the Butler Venture Accelerator: how do I find a commercial kitchen? How can I get my food product on the shelf? What steps do I…

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The Future of Food Products Online

As you probably already know, the whole online supermarket idea has already been done and it failed miserably, but is the world now ready for a round two? Well some people seem to think so and are making it work on a small scale. Many people are selling dry goods online and doing decently well,…

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