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Home Office vs. In-person Internship

It is hard to imagine that my amazing experience at Deloitte Bulgaria is coming to an end. I have spent almost two months working with a highly ambitious, dedicated, and professional team at the FAS division. Looking back, I learned a lot about M&A, Forensic, and Corporate Finance – three service lines that I assisted…

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Ana Maharjan

Understanding the Business Culture in Australia

One of the exciting yet, challenging aspects of working for a company in a new country is understanding the business norms and culture of the country. Having worked in the U.S. as well as in the U.K., I quickly learned the importance of doing research on the working style of a country before moving as it…

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Natalie Novak

Office Space Remade

I never thought that I would be the type of person to get excited about an office job. The lifestyle didn’t seem like the right fit for me. 9-6, stuffy dress codes, gray offices, and people you’d prefer to avoid rather than spend 40+ hours a week with. And it makes sense. Presented like that,…

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Christina Hodgkins

Hong Kong Work Environment

Over the course of this internship I’ve discovered how Hong Kong developed its reputation for having a fast-paced, innovative business culture. I was apprehensive of just how I was going to fit in here in that regard. What became clear however, is that this city is by no means a closed circuit. Regardless of your…

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Open-Office Layouts And Their Impact On Productivity

During the Summer of 2016 and the Winter of 2016-2017, I had the privilege of working as a Financial Analyst Intern at MACOM, a semiconductor company located in Lowell, MA. The average age in this industry is approximately 50 years of age. This statistic explains the closed-office layout of the Lowell office quite well. Upon…

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