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Marketing Within the NYC Food Industry

Walking around New York City, there is a restaurant on every corner. What determines the success of these restaurants? Mainly marketing. This summer, I am interning Minus10 Ice Cream. Minus10 Ice Cream is the first Thai rolled ice cream shop in New York City. The store lies in the heart of the cutthroat restaurant and…

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Maddie Sheng

Welcome To New York: 3 Takeaways from Week 1

Until last week, New York City has always been a tourist destination for me. Now, I’m shifting the lens and viewing the city as a catapult for my future career, starting with my summer internship. From moving-in, participating in company orientation, and meeting plenty of new people, it goes without saying that my first week…

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Vanessa Onwe

Opportunity Everywhere

New York or ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ is a great place for opportunity and young professionals looking to enter the business realms and grow. I had a chance to make friends with a WG corporate intern and learn how opportunity was accepted and made into a million dollar company. WG, like GHG, is a…

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Xueer Ning

Burgers and Real Estate

Hello everyone! This morning, I stopped to get an iced latte at McDonalds and brisk walked to my office. On the streets of Manhattan’s financial district, it is common to see interns rushing to work with their coffees in hand. Perhaps, or mostly, because we all want to perform at our best. One of my…

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Brianna Radicioni

Babson Alumni Unite Across Five Cities for 5th Annual Day of Service

More than 130 Babson College alumni, family, and friends gathered throughout the month of February in Boston, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Charlotte for Babson’s 5th Annual Day of Service. The first effort spanned four cities itself, in support of Project Glimmer—a nonprofit that inspires at-risk teenage girls and women to believe in themselves…

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Working at Rent the Runway – NYC Summer Internship

Rent the Runway is an outstanding company! I am so glad to be having this opportunity. Whenever I have something rented on I make sure to tell everyone around me about it! The usual response is: “What? You rented this? But it is so cool!” I, then, briefly describe the business model, my position as…

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Giovanna Pickering

Effective Communication in Global Organization

Sony Music’s presence in over 40 countries around the world makes effective communication vital to its success. One of my projects as part of the Global Finance internship program involves standardizing one of the company’s key business processes. In order to standardize, it is essential to outline specific details, make comparisons, and pull information together…

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Life as an Assistant Fashion Buyer!

My internship as an assistant buyer has been a great learning experience! The fashion department at RTR is composed by the buying, planning and merchandising teams. All three work very close together to determine what products to buy, the amount of inventory to buy, what to merchandise, etc. As a buying intern I have participated…

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First Impression – NYC Fashion Internship

Hello all! My name is Jin, a rising Senior concentrating in Operations Management. Growing up in a family of seamstresses, I was exposed to fashion at a young age. As a business student, I wanted to explore the business operations behind the fashion world and I’m honored to be interning at Rebecca Taylor, a brand…

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