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Emily Weiner

The Power of Relationships to Enhance Learning

The power of community and networks is something Cheryl and I talk and write about quite a bit. Both of us are “collectors of people and relationships” and are constantly working to connect dots for the greater good. These last few weeks, our students were able to benefit from our connections to learn directly from…

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The Lewis Institute

Pathways to The Lewis Institute

One of the most common questions we get here at The Lewis Institute is, “How can we connect with you?” As a team of people who thrive on fostering strong, lasting connections and see the world as relational rather than transactional, nothing could make us happier. We know that the most powerful thing any social…

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Emily Weiner

Our Students Re-Imagining Business

In my four years here at Babson, I’ve noticed a sea change in our students and their commitment to challenging the status quo. To be sure, Babson students have always been wired differently and can be counted on to be up to something exciting. But more and more, our students are asking questions about the…

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Michael Chmura

Redesigning Capitalism

I recently attended the 4th Annual I.E. Social Responsibility Forum in Madrid.  This impressive gathering was organized by the Net Impact chapter of the IE Business School and their theme was “Redesigning Capitalism: The Business Case for Sustainability.” I attend a lot of these types of events and when I was invited to speak on…

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