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Summer Reading

The Fourth of July is this week, and in New England, that date is kind of the unofficial start to summer. I know technically, summer started a little while ago, but here we’ll start to hit the hot weather and people start taking vacations. This is the time of year I always think about what…

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Hannah the Hockey Prognosticator

With the best playoffs in professional sports about to start, I felt, as a Boston-area school, we needed an emergency Stanley Cup breakdown from Babson blog legend, Hannah Moriggi.  Hannah is, legitimately, the most knowledgeable hockey fan I know.  We’re talking about her watching regular season games, not bandwagon fans like me who tune in…

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Christine Signs Off

“Christine Kenyon will see you now.” That’s what I half-expected to hear just before Asa and I went in to speak with Christine; she’s a busy lady these days. The last few weeks have been a transition for Christine, or “CK,” as we often call her.  After five glorious years at Babson College, she is…

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