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The Brazilian Silicon Valley

When I was looking for internship opportunities, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted in mind. I was interested in trying anything that would allow me to put into practice what I learned on my freshman year, as well as to learn new things. Despite that, I knew for sure that…

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My First Informational Interview

Other than an intro to information technology class that I had taken this past semester at Babson, I have not otherwise received any further experience that would enhance my knowledge of the IT industry. That is why I chose to utilize this assignment and reach out to Mary Dolan, the Regional Director of Information Services…

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From Finance to Entrepreneurship

This CCD Guest Blog post was written by Helena Hernandez, student at Babson College I am currently a rising junior from Caracas, Venezuela. As I entered my time at Babson, I had thought I would concentrate solely in Finance. However, Babson has allowed me—at times forced me—to expand my horizons, which I am grateful for.…

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