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Final Product

I came into my internship sort of unsure of what to expect and what I would be doing… At first, I was doing a little bit of everything I guess. My boss is those kinds of leaders that give you the final goal and says “alright… go do it”. I felt very lost in the…

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Pitchbooks and Endless Research

One of the main tasks that I have as a summer intern is creating pitch books. Pitch books is a marketing presentation used by investment banks to highlight the firm’s key values and what services they can deliver to their client. These pitch books are used as one of the key determinants to distinguish between…

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Hitting the Ground Running

Several weeks ago, over 120 startups moved into the 14th floor of ONE Marina Park Drive.  The space went from being a quiet haven to a hive humming with activity and pulsing with energy.  The accelerator launched with Boot Camp, five intense days packed with headlining speakers and workshops to initiate the finalists into the…

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