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3 Reasons Why You Should Meet Other Interns

In my experience, most companies with interns usually have some sort of internship program or have hired multiple interns. If you haven’t been able to meet other interns through your internship yet, I highly suggest you reach out to them for three reasons: #1 They can be really helpful At my summer internship, I have…

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Checklist For Completing a Successful Internship

End of Summer Internship Checklist You have spent countless hours working and revising your resume, visiting UGCCD, networking and connecting with Babson alumni in efforts to identify that perfect internship. You receive the happy news that you have been hired. You are excited and ready to tackle this new challenge. What next??Below are a few…

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I’m Helping Entrepreneurs Win

Given that this is my first post, I feel that it’s appropriate to tell you about me.  I am a rising sophomore, the president-elect of the Babson Outdoor Association, a Student Government senator for the class of 2016, an avid rock climber, a self-trained graphic designer, and an aspiring photographer. Through the support of the…

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