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Two Internships on Two Continents

With the world moving more and more to our cell phones and everything becoming digital, it’s very easy to get lost. Lost in the tabs, tasks, and top priorities. For someone who had the opportunity for two internships, seized it, and then committed to working 70+ hours a week, time management was a challenge.  Having…

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Andi Deng

Barcode and Retail Business

Hey, ever you shopped in stores? Of course. Have you ever noticed the barcode on the product? Probably. But what is a barcode? Barcode is a way to transport information. When you scan a barcode, it shows you the product origin, cost, material, and so on. Barcode exists in many aspects of our life. It…

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Emily Besen

Eshika’s Return to India

I caught up with rising sophomore Eshika Agarwal from Hyderabad, India for her thoughts on what it’s like returning to India after a year of studies in the U.S. Here, she reflects on differences in the workplace, educational systems, and societal expectations.  Eshika writes: “I don’t really know if home has gotten any different, but I…

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Shannon Sweeny

Babson Hosts Summer Entrepreneurship Program for Bulgarian Students

Babson College is serving as host for a Summer Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) administered by the Institute of International Education, providing a short-term, non-degree, experiential learning opportunity for 30 Bulgarian students from all accredited universities in Bulgaria and for young professionals under 35 years-old. During five weeks of intensive entrepreneurship training, participants learn the business fundamentals…

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Emily Besen

When Cultural Values Clash: The case for self-promotion

From the Senior Job Fair to the first annual Babson India Symposium to Latin American Forum, springtime on campus is abuzz with opportunities for networking. With large scale networking events, success comes when you are able to differentiate yourself from the pack by “selling” yourself and communicating your “personal brand”. Easy enough for those of us who…

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Ashley Gerber

Observations: Israeli Business Culture

This summer I am interning for FlowMed, a startup in Haifa, Israel. The business culture in Israel is very different from the United States. Below is a list of the things that have stood out the most for me in my time in Israel so far: 1. The work week is different I had to redefine…

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