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Ways to Take Initiative at a Startup

One of the biggest benefits of working at a startup is the large amount of responsibility you can get. Unlike at corporate companies, interns at early-stage startups usually have direct access to company leadership, work on a variety of projects, and produce work that has a direct impact on company culture/performance. The structure of early-stage…

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Idea to Buzzfeed

Working at my internship this summer has pushed me to really reach out to others and start collaborations along the way. One of the biggest projects that I worked on this summer was with Buzzfeed. I initially reached out to one of their producers about an idea I had and talking to them was pretty…

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Samantha Azu

Maximizing the value of your internship

I believe in learning through experiencing but if I had to experience everything I was interested in before finding what is a perfect fit for me, it would take me a lifetime. Thus, I decided to talk to people who had had careers that I had been interested in, in an attempt to learn and…

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Calvin Wang

Taking Initiative as an Intern

We all know that as an intern (or anyone starting out in a new position) one of the best ways to stand out in a group is to take initiative. It shows your supervisors that you actually care about the work that you are doing and take your work seriously enough that you won’t just…

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Prepare for your Internship Role!

Hi all! Jin here again 🙂 For weeks before the start of my internship, I buried myself at the sewing machine at home. With Youtube tutorials on repeat, I was determined to teach myself the fundamentals of sewing. I wanted to understand how garments were made to prepare myself for the production side of the…

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