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Applying Agile Methodology Beyond IT

If you have already took the Sophomore SME courses, you probably know what agile methodology is from IT class. It is the concept of approaching a work project through iterative processes in order to cope with unpredictability. Although agile tends to be a IT word since it is mostly use to describe a software development…

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10th San Francisco Babson Connect, April 7, 2016: Register Now!

On April 7, 2016 the college will host its 10th Babson Connect event in San Francisco at its west coast campus located at 135 Main Street on the third floor.  Next month’s program will feature Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist as well as Craig Connects as guest speaker.  Mr. Newmark’s presentation will begin around…

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My First Informational Interview

Other than an intro to information technology class that I had taken this past semester at Babson, I have not otherwise received any further experience that would enhance my knowledge of the IT industry. That is why I chose to utilize this assignment and reach out to Mary Dolan, the Regional Director of Information Services…

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