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Summertime and the Living is Abundant

By Emily Weiner, Associate Director of The Lewis Institute and the Babson Social Innovation Lab. There’s a big misconception that staff and faculty in academic institutions slow down over the summer. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth at Babson, and that’s certainly true here at The Lewis Institute. Things are heating…

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Cocktails and Networking

I last wrote about my first few days at Growth Africa Capital in Nairobi, Kenya and how the intensity of the impact investing industry in Kenya provided me with absolutely no option but to immediately hit the ground running. I’m now a couple weeks deep into my internship at Growth Africa Capital and as the…

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Introduction to Impact Investing in Kenya

I joined Babson in the Spring of 2011 and as I had expected, I have been constantly surrounded by entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself,  I’m still yet to remember a complete 24 hours on campus that has fully passed without my friends and I brainstorming ideas, improving business models and what has seemed to be…

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