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Engaging with Your Customer: How 2 Achieve Customer Success

At the core of any successful startup is a strong understanding of its customers. Throughout this semester’s #How2Tuesdays series, we’ve heard from experts that many startups fail because they never truly put themselves in their customers’ shoes to design a problem-solving product. So how can founders go above and beyond to serve their customers? Earlier…

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Keeping the Funnel Full: How 2 Build a Sales Pipeline

The generation of early sales is critical for startups. Securing initial customers validates the need for your idea and provides the necessary funding to keep the business moving. But for entrepreneurs who don’t have a finished product yet, or solopreneurs who will be juggling the role of salesman with other key responsibilities, the sales process…

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Hailey Serna

Customer Discovery

“Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it.” Eric Braun, an advisor of the Summer Venture Program, spoke with our entrepreneurs all about the importance of customer discovery and understanding your assumptions. The only way you can trust your judgments about your customers is by testing them. Take all your hypotheses about your business model and…

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Emily Denoble

How to Interview Customers

Unsure how to get honest feedback from customers? Keith Hopper, a Summer Venture Program advisor, recently led a Lunch and Learn workshop focused on this very task. His preferred method? One-on-one interviews. Keith believes that structured interviews help provide validation that you are solving a real problem, and that you are approaching it in the…

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Yerim Kim

Identifying Customer Needs and Prototyping

On October 6th, the Butler Venture Accelerator had a workshop on identifying customer needs and prototyping. This workshop aimed to help entrepreneurs to learn how to generate new business ideas based on customer needs. Participants created a simple prototype of a wallet. In the process, participants interviewed their “customer,” created a simple prototype and pitched…

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