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Julia Dean

Connecting to Home

A month has passed since I’ve started working at my internship, theChicCulture, a lifestyle magazine focused on providing a platform for the highest quality fashion, food and travel experiences for the fairest prices. In layman’s terms, the business I work for helps you live, eat, and wear your best life. What this consists of as…

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Brianna Radicioni

Babson Graduate Startup: Homes by Masha

Babson Undergraduate Alumna Masha Senderovich is founder of Homes by Masha at Keller Williams, where she has been able to pursue her own passion for real estate as a consultant and owner of her premier venture with Keller Williams Realty. Homes by Masha At Homes by Masha, which I operate through my main office in Newton…

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K Fludd

The (Un)stickiness of Memory

Excerpts taken from an original essay by Yulkendy Valdez, Class of 2017 Memory, like a sticky note, can be easily glued as much as it can be easily detached—easily recalled as much as it can be easily forgotten. The inverse actions of remembering and forgetting encompass cultural memory, and more specifically in the scope of…

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Jamie Rappoport

156 Hours

This past Saturday, I attended the Undergraduate Award Ceremony. Some of my closest friends and classmates were recognized for outstanding academics and community involvement. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students were all presented with different awards and scholarship. It was impressive to see the diverse range of activities students had contributed to in and out of…

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