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SVP Alumni Panel 2.0

Everyone could use a little advice from someone who was once in their shoes. Chris Jacobs and Jeff D’Agostino, two Summer Venture Program (SVP) alumni, spent time with the teams a few weeks ago and shared what they learned while in and since completing the Program. Chris participated in SVP in 2010 with his business…

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Five Mistakes Startups Make

Never a dull moment in the Blank Center! We have been gearing up for new and returning students looking to advance their entrepreneurial ventures through the Butler Venture Accelerator. The sixth year of the Summer Venture Program finished August 1, where we had 16 Babson businesses participating in SVP, a 10-week intensive experience designed to…

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Interviewing Unpaid Interns

We’ve now had 3 interns at bongobing, so I thought I’d share some of our lessons learned. There is a big difference between hiring an unpaid intern and a paid one. Not because the quality of their work is any different (although many times it is), but because the expectations may be different. The interview…

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