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Methods to Staying Fit While Working in an Office

Exercising is great not just to stay fit, but to also relax and destress. With 40+ hour work weeks, staying fit might become a challenge for us from time to time. in addition, if your office doesn’t have an in-house fitness center, it is easy for the summer to knock you out of shape. Below…

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Katina Orive

Tips to Stay Healthy as an Intern

The summer is the perfect time to catch-up on sleep, eat well and become healthy overall. As college students we tend to not have this luxury during the school year. Asking my colleagues and friend we compiled a list of ideas on how to stay healthy as an intern, while not wasting a lot of…

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Brianna Radicioni

Babson Executive Education Alumnus and Former NFL Player Nate Lawrie Receives Deal on Shark Tank

On Sunday, October 29, Nate Lawrie was featured on Shark Tank to pitch his business Brazyn Life, and the company’s launch product, The Morph—a collapsible, portable foam roller. He received a $250,000 deal with sharks Lori Greiner and Sara Blakely for 20% equity. Lawrie is a former NFL player and an alumnus of the Babson…

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Ziyan Liu

2017 SVP Startup Profile: TheraKnetic

Team: Wilson Tang, F.W. Olin College of Engineering ’18: CEO and Founder Development Team: Yuzhong Huang, Isaac Getto, Trent Dye, Jordan Van Duyne, Hillary Tong What’s TheraKnetic? TheraKnetic is making recovering from a broken bone, or even surgery, easier. We help: Patients stay motivated and get them to understand their recovery process Physical therapists so…

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