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Come to the Table

Everything has changed: What we know, what we think we know, how we ingest content, the tools we pick up and use (often compulsively). The landscape for learning is a kaleidoscope ceaselessly in motion. In this sea of data and discourse, Food Sol steadies itself by insisting upon two things: relationships and showing up in-person.…

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Pathways to The Lewis Institute

One of the most common questions we get here at The Lewis Institute is, “How can we connect with you?” As a team of people who thrive on fostering strong, lasting connections and see the world as relational rather than transactional, nothing could make us happier. We know that the most powerful thing any social…

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From Day One: Tradition Taking Root

In reflecting back to the first From Day One 7 years ago, I see it was the beginning of a tradition, the beginning of a way that we orient new members of the Babson community around values, purpose and intent. Traditions are so important because they locate us in a particular time, space and meaning.…

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