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Fast Environment, Slow Results

People tend to associate start-ups with fast-paced environments. From experience, I can tell you that this is true. One week, you’ll just be sitting around hoping someone knocks on your doors. The next, you’re struggling to balance four projects running simultaneously in your sales pipeline with very tight deadlines. Every week, I set goals for…

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You Think These Mistakes Are Obvious For A Startup?

If you have followed my blog, you may have already known that I interned for two companies in 2 completely different industries in this summer, one of which is a F&B startup and the other is a tech one. Both of these startups have stayed in the markets for pretty much the same period of…

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Jose Damasceno

Challenge yourself

Building a website over the whole week. My boss finished the work and said: I think we need a coder. I cannot handle it by myself. Intrigued, I asked: I could learn and finish everything. He said: I do not think there is enough time. I will find someone and you do something else. After…

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Kirishika Krishnarajah

Nearing the End

With only 2 weeks left of my internship, I definitely started thinking about the next steps I want to take not only with ALKU, but with myself as well. I had to take a step back and think about where I wanted to end up after graduation and how that was going to play out.…

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Yumel Hernandez-Pascual

Growth Hacking A Startup

This summer I have been doing a lot of growth hacking for the startups in the accelerator. First, What is Growth Hacking? Simply put a growth hacker is a person whose true north star is growth. Its all about acquiring and retaining customers using creative and low-cost strategies. Growth hackers don’t care about budget, expenses,…

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Kirishika Krishnarajah

Working in a Startup Division

At ALKU there are multiple different divisions throughout the company that work to help consultants placed on projects such as Workday, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Oracle, and Epic. Epic is the division I am currently working with and it is relatively new. Although working with such a new startup like division has its perks it is…

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Katrina Rega

Going National

At my internship this summer, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the Melanoma Foundation of New England rebrand itself and transform into the national organization IMPACT Melanoma. Originally, the small organization focused on Melanoma-related education, prevention, and support in the New England region. As more and more people became involved, the organization snowballed into something…

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Babson Hatchery

Scaling Your Startup

The following post is from David Zamarin ’20, founder of DetraPel, a fall 2017 hatchery business. Every startup founder will always hit a block on the road. Sometimes those blocks could include a manufacturing issue, a loss of customers, or an internal issue with the team. But, there is almost certainly one problem that every…

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Michael Chmura

Faculty Offer Perspectives About Women’s Enterprise

Two Babson College Entrepreneurship professors are among the lecturers at the Telfer School of Management speaker series, Perspectives about Women’s Enterprise.  The speaker series features expert presentations about entrepreneurship and innovation, viewed through a gender lens. Professor Patricia Greene will speak on November 8th on The ABCs of Growth: Aspirations, Behaviors, and Confidence.  She will be presenting…

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Antonette Ho

Meet The Founder: Jason Jacobs

Post from Dakota McKenzie ’14 & Guy Horgan ’14: Earlier this month, Founder and CEO of the ultra-popular company RunKeeper joined Dakota McKenzie and Guy Horgan for the inaugural event of “Meet The Founder.” During his one-hour talk, he discussed everything from the fear of starting a company, to the future of exercise paired with…

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