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Graphic design within the music industry

While interning at Surfdog Records, I was responsible for all all graphic design work. To accomplish my assigned tasks, I used the Adobe Creative suite. I was able to learn much more about graphic design and I was able to sharpen my existing skills with said programs. I see my Graphic design skills as invaluable…

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Music Industry internship

The Music Industry has interested me for many years now, and having the opportunity to be immersed in it has been a wonderful experience. I have been interning at Surfdog Records Inc./Dave Kaplan Management in Encinitas, Ca. for the whole summer. The specific tasks I decided to take on during most of my internship have…

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I’m Helping Entrepreneurs Win

Given that this is my first post, I feel that it’s appropriate to tell you about me.  I am a rising sophomore, the president-elect of the Babson Outdoor Association, a Student Government senator for the class of 2016, an avid rock climber, a self-trained graphic designer, and an aspiring photographer. Through the support of the…

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