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Johanna Beers

Babson’s 3rd Annual Trip to India

In January, about 40 students from Babson traveled to India to visit their classmates and experience the culture for two weeks. This is the third year in a row that a handful of Babson students have taken the time and effort to plan a country-wide trip for their classmates to visit their homeland. Read about…

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Brianna Radicioni

Look Beyond Spain’s Tourist Attractions to Find Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and an Economy on the Rise, Says Babson Professor Jay Rao

For more than 12 years, Babson College Strategy and Innovation Professor Jay Rao has focused some of his in-the-field efforts on corporations, organizations, and business schools in Spain. Between leading executive education programs for some of the most impactful businesses in the country (i.e. BBVA, Iberdrola, and Repsol), consulting for global corporations with a local…

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The Lewis Institute

The Lewis Institute Activating Youth

Over the past 8 years, The Lewis Institute has put the power of entrepreneurship into the hands of over 32,000 youth. After officially rolling out our ACTIVATE curriculum in 2017, we had the chance to step back and think about all of the communities, individuals, and mindsets that have been transformed and the power of…

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Brianna Radicioni

Manizales Más Celebrates Five Years of Fostering Growth, Employment, and Prosperity Among the Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Manizales Más, Babson’s entrepreneurship and economy-boosting collaboration with the Colombian city of Manizales, has driven an average 46 percent growth among 73 high-potential companies in just five years. These companies have registered an average $39 million in sales, created 1,392 new jobs, and attracted 1,679 new customers, in addition to eight exporting companies. Such growth…

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Brianna Radicioni

Food Sol to Host ‘Advances in Urban Agriculture and Ag Tech’ Panel on March 8

The question at hand, globally, is how will we feed a growing population with diminished resources and climate change? On Wednesday, March 8, Food Sol at Babson will host a panel discussion on this very issue, including advances in urban agriculture and related technologies, with: Rose Arruda, Mass Department of Ag Resources; Shawn Cooney, Co-Founder,…

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Global Entrepreneurial Activity In 2009

The release of the GEM 2009 report was much anticipated. The 2008 data was collected in the early summer of that year, before the recession started to dominate the front pages of newspapers across the globe. The 2008 data didn’t show declines in entrepreneurial activity in general across the dataset of 43 countries, although fewer…

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