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The Perks of Working in Media

I am now about three weeks into my internship, and it’s been great! I have settled into a comfortable routine and have completed numerous tasks. To name a few, I did episode building of the show “Jail” to be published on the website, watched episodes of the hit show “Bar Rescue” to find good clips, and simply…

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Babson Hatchery

Six Insights To Being an Entrepreneur

The following post is from Hanson Grant ’16, founder of Think Board, a fall 2015 hatchery business. So you want to be an entrepreneur, great! But first, what is your rational behind this decision? Are you searching for freedom, flexibility, or following a passion? If so, this is a great place to start. Most people…

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Kelsey Choi

Teamwork as a Key to Success

Interning at WGBH Digital is a unique experience with an interesting balance between solo contributions and team collaboration. As the saying goes, “there is no ‘i’ in team.” Every piece of work completed adds to the finished product, in one way or another. This system is extremely effective in Digital due to the department’s culture.…

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High Five for Week Five!

Although I’m excited to have made it to the middle of my 5th week at JA New York (JANY), with my final day just over a week away, the real “high-five” goes to JA New York. Monday morning’s all staff meeting consisted of praises to the fellow interns, announcements regarding upcoming events, but most importantly,…

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5 Great Things About Starting Up

Starting a venture can be one of the most exciting and stimulating things of your life. In order to share a part of my experience with you, I’ve compiled a list of five great thing about starting your own company. In my opinion, the best thing about starting up is that you’re doing what you…

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Norse Noir

By Michèle Oshima: When it is arctic outside, there are various indoor pursuits that transport one away. Counter-intuitively, I’ve virtually travelled to other cold places, Denmark and Sweden this January. I must confess I’ve been bitten bad by the Norse Noir TV series (The Bridge), all 3 seasons of The Killing, and Borgen. I’ve been…

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