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FirstGens – Helping our students succeed

First Generation college students are starting to capture more attention of College Administrations across the country. Here at Babson, we recognize the importance of this unique cohort and the challenges that first-generation college students often face in navigating the academic, social, and financial nuances of college life, while celebrating the unique experiences that first-generation college…

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The Band Room In Park Manor Central

By Roxelane Wagner: Wonder if everyone on campus is aware of the band room’s existence in Park Manor Central. I know I discovered it by chance around the end of October. While I was hanging out on the first floor, I suddenly heard loud music that was not coming from anyone’s room. I was informed…

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Winter Break Realization

By Dominic Esposito: When I put down my overflowing luggage in my room, sat down on my bed, and let out an exhausted breath, I looked to my right and saw my passion. To the right were my alto sax, soprano sax, music stand, and never-ending collection of sheet music. This time I decided my…

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