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What to look for in a first-year internship

I have completed my 6-week-long internship in a consultancy company, and I can genuinely say it was the best internship I ever had. What made it so special was the opportunity to intern in different departments and explore several career interests. My program let me intern in a different department each week in the beginning…

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Daniel O'Hanlon

The Top Five Takeaways from my Summer Internship

For the last two months, I have been a summer intern in the Babson College Marketing department. During that time, I’ve worked closely with Babson’s brand journalist on various content and projects. This is the first real internship I have held and the experience of working closely with others in a professional capacity will undoubtedly…

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Outdated Ideologies: “Leaders” & “Followers”

Babson, as the #1 school of entrepreneurship, prides itself in having world-famous leaders and CEOs. If this put some pressure on you your first year at Babson, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The ideology that everyone is a leader on the inside is outdated and should not be making anyone feel insecure, even though…

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Jennifer Eng

Live Green: Your Campus Map to a Healthy and Sustainable Semester

Babson is pretty proud of our school colors of white and green. In fact, our student population and campus emulate these colors every day. Outside, there’s foliage and evergreens hidden behind the mountains of snows; inside, we are energy efficient in implementing hand driers, smart light switches, and using eco-friendly materials. Since the semester has…

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