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Two Internships on Two Continents

With the world moving more and more to our cell phones and everything becoming digital, it’s very easy to get lost. Lost in the tabs, tasks, and top priorities. For someone who had the opportunity for two internships, seized it, and then committed to working 70+ hours a week, time management was a challenge.  Having…

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Fear is the Biggest Obstacle to Effectively Networking

Fear is the Biggest Obstacle to Effectively Networking Last summer, when in the midst of my film production internship at Lifesong Organization, they had shown me all of their portfolio work. One of the works in their portfolio was a testimonial series. Specifically, there was one video of a man sharing his near life death…

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3 Pros of the Start-up Environment

This summer, I am working as a marketing intern at two jewelry start-ups: Ashita New York and Rent the Jewelry. I was very excited going in because I believed in the potential both companies had to disrupt the jewelry industry. Ashita New York aims to create an inclusive community and spread positivity through colorful gold…

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What to look for in a first-year internship

I have completed my 6-week-long internship in a consultancy company, and I can genuinely say it was the best internship I ever had. What made it so special was the opportunity to intern in different departments and explore several career interests. My program let me intern in a different department each week in the beginning…

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Do you even want an internship?

You have finally made it to Babson. You start your first semester, and before long you overhear people talking about summer internships. All of a sudden it dawns on you–it’s September and your peers are applying for internships that do not begin until May of the next year. You immediately log into Handshake and start…

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