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Peer Career Ambassadors

Involved vs. Engaged

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Ji Hwan Kim ’18.  At Babson, our students take great pride in having a jam-packed schedule. It’s as if flashing around a completely filled schedule validates their hard work and standing as good Babson citizens. Ironically, however, this pressure to constantly stay busy and occupied has a…

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Sarah Yim

A Second Semester Senior’s 168

When you arrive at Babson, your week will consist of 168 hours. That may seem like a large number, but those hours really fly by. Everyone spends their time in different ways, but here’s my 168 as an example. Since I’m taking a reduced course load this semester (less than 15 credits), it’s been especially…

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The Best of Both Worlds

Stop me if you’ve been to one of our info sessions and heard one of our counselors say something like this before: “Boston is the world’s best college town.”  While this may be our opinion, it’s also on the internet! Check out this study by the American Institute for Economic Research, naming Boston the top…

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Atiya Sharmin

Why It’s Important to Have “Play” Time After School

Hi Babson, Sometimes people may wonder why exactly extracurricular activities, in addition to school, are so important to employers. They are important because they show drive, commitment, passion, and time-management skills. They allow a recruiter to see that you are able to not only multi-task but perform well in all that you are involved in.…

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