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The Privilege to Shadow

Most legal internships expose interns to only one side of the legal field, as their work days are typically spent doing office work in a cubicle. Although much can be learned through performing tasks such as legal research or document creation, one can only garner an in-depth look at the day to day life of…

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Alexandra Guillot

Reflecting on my Internship Goals

As of today, I’ve spent two months at MainStreet Hammonton, and I’m more confident in my role than ever. Earlier in the week, my supervisor asked if I felt as though my internship has met my expectations before starting. Truthfully, my somewhat vague expectations were thoroughly surpassed. Because MainStreet is such a small organization, I…

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Calvin Wang

Making the Most of the Rest of Summer

It’s late July. I start RA training in 2 weeks. Thus, my summer internship experience is coming to an end. It has been a great time working at CFR, but before school starts up again, here are some of the things I am aiming to accomplish. These involve both professionally focused goals and a mix…

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Seeing the Bright Side of the Challenges

It is without question that every single person in any job or career field experiences challenges throughout their day, week, month, etc. I am a firm believer of how you respond to those challenges directly impacts the team of people you work with along with the quality of work you produce. Too many times I’ve…

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