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What’s the business model of your venture?

The following post is from Fifi Shi ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member. Professor Andrew Corbett and Professor Erik Noyes hosted two business model sessions for Butler Venture Accelerator cohort members on October 6, helping them revisit the business model and walking them through how to articulate theirs. Business model, by definition, is the…

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Crowdfunding 101

Thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign? Professor Erik Noyes hosted a “Crowdfuding 101” session for the Butler Venture Accelerator to explain the basics of this fundraising strategy. While there are four types of crowdfunding (rewards, donations, equity, and lending), this discussion was focused on rewards-based crowdfunding, in which backers receive a “gift” depending on the…

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The Marvels of 3D Printing – Makerbot Case Study

The Marvels of 3D Printing – MakerBot Case Study Ruth Gilleran, Lecturer of Information Technology Erik Noyes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship MakerBot is an industry leader in the production of affordable 3D printers.  3D printing is an emerging technology that promises to disrupt manufacturing as we know it. The MakerBot story explores the intersection of…

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