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10th Annual Babson Energy and Environment Conference

The following post is from Chirag Shah M’16.  Entrepreneur’s looking for ideas would have found plenty at the 10th Annual Babson Energy and Environment Conference. This year’s theme, Redefining Consumption, was oriented around megatrends such as: The Sharing Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, Recycling and Upcycling, Demand Response, and The Internet of Things. In…

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Need Talent? We’ve Got It! Come to the April 6th Just-In-Time Fair

Spring can be a hectic time of year for students still seeking to land that highly coveted graduate job or summer internship.  Employers, often times hold that “golden ticket” to a great opportunity. Babson’s Graduate CCD Just-In-Time Career Fair is aimed at bringing these two populations together to make “magic” happen. As a big part…

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Fifteen Shades of Green

By Vikram Sokkalingam, a graduate student at Babson College and Co-President for the Babson Energy & Environmental Club. With a background in the business of coal based power plant construction, I saw first hand the need for a systemic shift in our approach to energy and the environment. I decided to get an MBA to…

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The Energy to Protect Domestic Tranquility

I’m Matt Hayes. I am starting an alternative energy source venture with Zachary Jacobson ’14, Zachary Sufrin 15’ in addition to a handful of other members and mentors. We live in a rapidly changing economic and political landscape. It is vital that the world change the way it produces and consumes energy. To ensure economic…

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