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How to write the perfect cold email

Cold emailing can be one of the most effective ways to create leads in sales. Writing cold emails has helped me start countless conversations with prospects at my sales/marketing internship with Fyrii, so I wanted to share some tips on how to improve your cold emails. Finding contacts:  Create an email list with contacts based…

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How 2 Use Digital Marketing for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs in 2020 have access to a growing range of increasingly powerful marketing tools. But amidst all of the other responsibilities that come with growing a venture, how much marketing do founders need to do, and which tools are the best use of their time and resources? The Blank Center kicked off this semester’s series…

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Professor Hanna Co-Authors “Email Marketing in a Digital World”

Babson Marketing Professor Richard Hanna has co-authored Email Marketing in a Digital World: The Basics and Beyond, with Professor Scott D. Swain and entrepreneur Jason Smith. Despite annual predictions of its demise, email marketing remains one of the most important tools for businesses and other organizations. The reason is simple. Other communication tools, including social…

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The Truth About Marketing

Before this summer, I purely thought of marketing as the front-end of the sales process. Goal being to simply create a mind provoking advertisement that entices potential clients to interact with the company. After this is done, sales takes over and the marketing department’s job is complete. As a marketing intern at dotloop, I have…

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