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How I Achieve Efficiency Under Stress

When I thought about doing an internship at Koga, I knew I would have a decent amount of work. However, I completely underestimated the amount of work I would have and as of today, I am still surprised about all the responsibilities I have. All the work and highly important duties I have as the…

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Excel: The Program I Realized I Know Nothing About

I benefited from Excel for many years throughout my life in many areas. I used it in lab reports, statistics classes, market research for personal business, and the famed QTM 2 class. I thought I was experienced with Excell until I started my management consulting internship at Mazars. My first 2 days were very Excell…

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Communication: The Method of the Madness

The phrase, “communication is key,” is repeated so often in business courses that it loses its power. In reality, this phrase actually encompasses the most important lesson people must learn in order to run a successful business. The key to growing this success is choosing the right method of communicating. During my time at the…

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