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Samantha Azu

Not just communication, but effective communication.

In any relationship, communication is needed if all parties involved are going to get along and get the best out of it. This goes for friendships, sports teams and internships, amongst others. I am going to share some things I communicated to my work colleagues and how I communicated them which furthered my learning experience. …

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Sophia Zhu

Communication Tools

Communication is necessary in every aspect of life especially in the workplace. I have come to realize that working at a small company makes communication a lot easier than at a large company. At Araks, there really are not any divisions or departments. Everyone does everything and everyone helps everyone out. If I needed help,…

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Ashley Gerber

Why My Friends Think I Never Did Any Work

One of the difficulties I encountered in my internship was that I was in a foreign country, and not just anywhere, I was in Israel!  If you have ever been to Israel and even if you have not, you should know that Israel is a beautiful country.  I was interning in Haifa, a coastal city…

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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace is hard to accomplish, especially since you have to communicate a message to more than 500 employees, as it happens at PwC. Although a company may rely on e-mail messages sent to all the employees extensively, this is not always the most effective way to communicate as not everybody reads…

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