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New, Free Babson College edX Courses Available Now

Babson College has expanded its free edX course offerings to include: Economics: Consumer Demand, taught by Visiting Assistant Professor John Korsak, and Customer Centric Marketing for Entrepreneurs, with Adjunct Lecturer Beth Goldstein. Last year, Babson partnered with edX to launch a new online course series—Business Principles and Entrepreneurial Thought—designed for entrepreneurs of all kinds, both…

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Babson Professor Marthinsen Publishes ‘International Macroeconomics for Business and Political Leaders’

John Marthinsen, professor of economics and international business at Babson, authored the book International Macroeconomics for Business and Political Leaders published in January 2017. This book explains the fundamentals of international macroeconomics in a very efficient and approachable text. It explores key macro concepts such as growth, unemployment, inflation, interest, and exchange rates. Most importantly,…

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Kent Jones on Ending the US Trade Embargo Against Cuba

Prof. Kent Jones has been following the debate over ending the decades-old US trade embargo against Cuba, recently loosened by President Obama.  In “The Coming Boom in US-Cuba Trade” he notes that, before Castro, the US was Cuba’s largest trading partner and its major source of foreign investment.  Economic models of trade intensity predict that…

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