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Emily Denoble

Grow with Google

In October, Babson welcomed Sanmay Ved MBA ’16, Kevin Milani, and Phil Goodhart to campus to lead a “Grow With Google” event. Mr. Ved is an Agency Development Manager for Google Marketing Solutions, and Mr. Milani and Mr. Goodhart are Google Premier Partners. The session, focused on tackling the digital marketing landscape for both startups…

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Babson Hatchery

Why Many Marketers Believe that Augmented Reality is Doomed for Failure

The following post is from Mohit Juneja MBA’18, founder of IndulgeYoSelf.com™. IndulgeYoSelf.comTM is augmented reality for virtual try-on. Specifically, “Warby Parker for Jewelry.” Augmented Reality (AR) is the virtual overlay of contextual, digital information on a physical-world. Currently business value-add in the consumer space has been low given the primary use case of marketing. Marketers…

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The Last Day of Work Blues

Today is my last day interning for Viacom, and I find it to be a very bittersweet experience. As I made my way to work this morning I found myself in deep thought as I reminisced about all the great times that I’ve had working this summer, and all the great people I have met…

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The Perks of Working in Media

I am now about three weeks into my internship, and it’s been great! I have settled into a comfortable routine and have completed numerous tasks. To name a few, I did episode building of the show “Jail” to be published on the website, watched episodes of the hit show “Bar Rescue” to find good clips, and simply…

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My First Week at Viacom

Hi, my name is Patrice Henry and this summer I will be working for Viacom, under Spike TV’s Digital department. My role as an intern for this media company is to assist with whatever tasks need to be completed in the office. The way that I found this internship was through the Posse Career Board…

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