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How 2 Use Digital Marketing for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs in 2020 have access to a growing range of increasingly powerful marketing tools. But amidst all of the other responsibilities that come with growing a venture, how much marketing do founders need to do, and which tools are the best use of their time and resources? The Blank Center kicked off this semester’s series…

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2019 SVP Startup Profile: Growth Cave

Does your business have a presence on Facebook? Did you know that you could bring significant sales traffic to your business through Facebook advertising? SVP participant Lucas Lee-Tyson ‘20 was able to create an entire business of his own by teaching other businesses how to do just that, founding Growth Cave. Recently I met with…

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What I Learned about SEO in the Last Year

The following post is from Ryo Shibasaki MBA’19, founder of Path to Success. Path to Success provides the most competent and reliable English learning service in Japan. I started my website almost one year ago. In the first month, the page view was 800, but now it’s 2,000 views every day and keeps increasing. It’s still…

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7 Features All Startup Company Websites Must Have

The following post is from Sanjit Mandal MBA’18. Sanjit is the owner of California SEO Professionals, a digital marketing company focusing on profit-driven SEO and PPC strategies that help businesses get more traffic and better conversions. Oh, and he has a 4th degree in Goju Ryu Karate with almost 30 years of training, so you know…

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