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8 Ways Digital Transformation is Changing New Product Development

Post by Ruben Mancha, Sebastian Fixson, Jennifer Bailey, Victor Seidel, Bala Iyer, Sinan Erzurumlu, and Steven Gordon Increasingly competitive market verticals and Digital Titans crossing traditional industry boundaries place pressure on organizations to innovate. Seventy-nine percent of CEO’s participating in a large-scale global survey report innovation as being their top-most or among their top-three priorities.1 At…

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Managing IoT Security

By Steven Gordon On October 21, 2016, a cyber attack was unleashed on the Internet that nearly brought the web to its knees. The attack sought to disable the Internet’s DNS system, which translates domain names, such as babson.edu, into network addresses, such as Without a way of doing this translation, a browser is…

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The Rise of Digital Experiences

By Ruben Mancha and Bala Iyer In the era of digitalization, physical and digital components are seamlessly integrated to create interactive products and services. Value propositions no longer come from what products are, but from the experiences they create. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution—the digital revolution—and we need to regain perspective…

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