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Where I Go From Here: Takeaways

Upon completion of my summer internship I thought back to where I started back on May 23rd. I was stepping into my first summer internship – an internship that didn’t have a set program and had no real path. After having a sudden internship change between two separate organizations in a matter of 2 days,…

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How My Values Have Changed and Developed at YWCA

When I first joined the YWCA Hartford Region team I was anxious to dive into the non-profit world and discover if the non-profit environment was right for me. I valued the driven ideas of the employees here to empower women and eliminate racism. Along with their mission, I believed in YWCA’s passion to provide equity…

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Twenty-Five new Entrepreneurs

My ties to South Africa have been established far before I was offered an internship at Wits Business School. For my first two trips to the country, I have had the privilege of volunteering in Mamelodi—a black township in Pretoria East. As a part of The Mamelodi Initiative, a community-based youth education and empowerment organization,…

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