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Taline Karozichian

How to Beat Your Summer Commute

I hate carrying things. I see all these young people on the train and subway with nothing in their hands expect their phone and I get jealous. Pan to the left and there I am. A heavy backpack on my back, my camera bag in one hand, and my gym bag in the other. Last…

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Sharon Chin

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Commute

One of the things I miss most from Babson is the ability to wake up at 7:45AM to make it to my 8AM because of the 2 minute walk from dorm to classroom. This summer, my internship is located in a WeWork office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, an “up-and-coming” neighborhood filled with gentrified ethnic restaurants selling…

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Austin Fabel

Are There Perks to A Long Commute?

The daily commute to the workplace; often mind-numbing, grueling, and monotonous. Driving 36 miles – each way – is extreme, but sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic can make it that much worse. Originally, I assumed listening to music on a playlist or radio station would make for a less stressful commute. However, that grew ancient very…

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The Long Commute

It takes about two to three hours to commute from my home to where I intern everyday. Knowing that I’m a horrible driver, I decided to use the train to commute to work. You would think that the distance between L.A. and Orange County isn’t that far, but you always have to expect the worst…

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