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Jose Damasceno

Challenge yourself

Building a website over the whole week. My boss finished the work and said: I think we need a coder. I cannot handle it by myself. Intrigued, I asked: I could learn and finish everything. He said: I do not think there is enough time. I will find someone and you do something else. After…

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Nikhil Anand

5. Your North Star

This summer I have written over 20,000 lines of code, worked 800+ hours, and met some truly incredible people. It is very easy to burn out or get lost in this round-the-clock summer. What kept me in check was knowing what my mentor Darwish calls your “north star.” This is the idea or goal that…

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Nikhil Anand

3. Architecting the Idea

When beginning a project this summer, we did not write or touch a line of code on the first day. The first day spent creating wireframes, user mapping, and figuring out what we needed to code, but more importantly, what not to code. When working on apps and websites you can be working on them…

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Shannon Sweeny

Babson Undergrads Win Money 20/20 Hackathon

Babson undergraduate students Waseem Shabout ’19, Gabe Ficht ’19, Eagle Wu ’19 and Arpit Bansal ’19 along with Derek Canton won the Money 20/20 Hackathon on Sunday October 23, 2016 is Las Vegas, Nevada. All four students belong to Babson’s CodeClub and are very active in Babson’s IoT Initiative. At the Hackathon they were awarded…

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Caroline Hayes

CrunchU: The Online Academy for Techies

This post was written by Natalie Cullings, Class of 2014. If the words coding, gamification, startup, design, or hacking mean something to you, then CrunchU, TechCrunch’s online learning academy, will definitely be of use to you. Don’t know much about the tech industry? Don’t worry–this online “university” is a great place to start. Modules are…

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