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BRIC Program

Simplicity Within China and India

Post by Leslie Novella (’17) and Spencer Rivera (’17). The week starting on October 19th, 2015 we began our transition from Beijing, China to Delhi, India. Our last days in Beijing were spent visiting the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. We were all very excited to get to experience these landmark locations before departing China. When visiting…

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Leandra Grinage

The Best Leadership Position Ever

This semester is my first semester as a Peer Mentor ! (WOHOOO) . Peer Mentors serve as orientation leaders , student leaders in First Year Seminar classes and even more than that a support system for first year students. As a new peer mentor, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous, excited, scared…

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Hannah Moriggi

#Babson2017 Tassel Topper Contest Winner

A little over a month ago, the Office of Undergraduate Admission sent tassel toppers to all #Babson2017 admitted students with the hopes of displaying #BabsonPride at commencement ceremonies all around the globe. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to our Tassel Topper Contest, we were so excited to see all of your school…

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Meghan Rowledge

What I learned/Wish I knew my Freshmen Year

So I have been home for a little over a week, and during this week it gave me a lot of time to think about the past year. Some things I thought about were things I learned/wished I knew coming into my freshmen year at Babson. Since summer is upon us, and many incoming freshmen…

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Tweet it, Tommaso!

Tweet it, Tommaso!  A familiar phrase in our office.  It doesn’t really matter what we’re talking about, but if we think something should be shared with the public or saved for posterity that’s what we yell at him to do.  However, as some students have asked us, who actually manages our social media efforts?  Well, that man,…

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Courtney Minden

Just submitted..now what???

It’s January 18-just over 2 weeks since the Regular Decision deadline, and that virtual tidal wave that was incoming application materials, now looks more like a gentle ripple. This was no small feat considering that we surpassed 6,000 applications-a Babson first (Congratulations, applicants for becoming a part of Babson history!) Not to say that we’re completely…

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Courtney Minden

A “Normal” Day?

Happy Friday! Do any of you have those kinds of weeks where your alarm goes off and you wonder “Where am I supposed to be today?” That happens to me all the time. Most days, I get up, feed the puppy (this morning she fed herself a healthy serving of cottage cheese she knocked off…

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